Italian Legislative Decree 196/03

The Personal Data Protection Code  Legislative Decree 196/03

GETSOLUTION provides its clients with comprehensive consulting services in the field of Privacy protection, or more specifically compliance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/03, entitled “The Personal Data Protection Code”.

GETSOLUTION, in fact, is already looking to the future, taking into account the draft of the European Regulation on “Data Protection”, published in the European Journal on 25 January 2012. The approval of this draft will mark the implementation of a single European “Data Protection” regulation, which will be applied throughout the European Union as a whole.

GETSOLUTION has developed an approach that, in addition to ensuring full and proper compliance with Italian Legislative Decree 196/03, will also gradually prepare its clients to comply with the provisions of the draft of the European “Data Protection” Regulation.

This draft is an excellent starting point for understanding and preparing for the changes that will be implemented in terms of personal data protection once the definitive version of the regulation is published.

The GETSOLUTION approach, in fact, is not only dedicated to ensuring its clients’ compliance with the legal requirements, but is also aimed at ensuring the implementation of a controlled management and risk protection awareness program: a methodological approach aimed at ensuring data security even beyond the requirements imposed by the current legislation.

Furthermore, GETSOLUTION also offers: