Data Protection Officer

Data Protection Officer  is a figure identified by General Data Protection Regulation to which is entrusted  the management of providing consulting activity to company on data protection and constantly verify compliance with the legislation.

DPO must have specific expertise and proven experience in the field of personal data protection, must be independent and report to the higher hierarchical level, all of this guaranteeing the absence of conflicts of interest.
Regulation provides that DPO can also be an external entity that operates through a service contract.

GETSOLUTION by virtue of relevant expertise both nationally and internationally as well as the great experience in the field of ” Data Protection “ performs for companies the role of ” Data Protection Officer “.

GETSOLUTION as Data Protection Officer will provide both implementation of obligations provided by General Data Protection Regulation and will supervise personal data protection compliance within the company, as well as to constantly improve “Governance on Data Protection” system until it will reach the maximum of effectiveness and efficiency, integrating with existing management systems or with other rules that the company must respect.

GETSOLUTION, acting as “Data Protection Officer” will be responsible for representing the customer company in front of Control Authority as well as for data subjects of the treatment, bringing concrete and irrefutable evidences of the correct and complete implementation of the procedures required by  General Regulation.

Certainly, Data Protection Officer encloses upon itself great responsibilities, that GETSOLUTION is widely able to support, providing “added value” to companies, so as to be recognized in the company not only as a figure who runs the compliance to General Regulation, but who is daily  bringing on field, an extensive experience on several cross issues.

Getsolution can proudly count on professional figures in its staff qualified to perform the role of Data Protection Officer certified according to the UNI 11697:2017 standard