SA8000:2008 Certification

“Social Accountability” SA8000:2008

Corporate social responsibility (SA8000) is a principle that has become a key issue in today’s society, as a socially responsible company actively participates in the improvement of the society in which it operates.

Respecting the principles of social responsibility in the production of goods and services in accordance with SA8000 certification means working upon seven key issues contained in ISO26000:2010. This standard defines the international guidelines (to be pursued on a voluntary basis, as they are not principles) that should be followed in order to ensure a socially responsible company:

• Governance of the organization:
• Human rights
• Relationships and working conditions
• The environment
• Proper management practices
• Community involvement and development

These guidelines naturally include the principles for the creation of a company’s “Social Responsibility” management system and for subsequently obtaining SA8000:2008 certification.
GETSOLUTION is always ready to assist companies in the creation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the relative management system, as well as in obtaining SA8000:2008 certification.