Standard ISO 20000:2011

“IT Service Management”

Over time, companies come to realize the importance of managing their IT processes in the best possible manner. They don’t just represent “an internal service” for sustaining the company’s business, but actually represent the business itself, as the IT system serve to improve the company’s products and services, in the pursuit of maximum efficiency and effectiveness, as well as customer satisfaction.
Furthermore, the IT processes can often be fundamental to innovations that will enhance the value of the business and, therefore, that of the company as well.

In this regard, an international standard has been issued as an aide for companies: ISO 20000:2011 “Information technology – service management”.

GETSOLUTION assists companies in implementing the ISO 20000:2005 standard in order to better define and manage their IT services, effectively responding to the needs dictated by the market, while at the same time respecting the client’s requirements.
Thanks to its experience with large and highly complex companies on both a national and international level, GETSOLUTION is capable of helping its clients achieve the various points defined by the standard for the creation, management, updating and improvement of their IT processes, thus allowing them to obtain the relative certification ISO 20000:

  • Definition of IT Governance
  • Planning and implementation of services (IT)
  • Planning and implementation of new services (IT) and change management
  • Management of  delivery processes
  • Management of relationships between processes
  • Control of the processes
  • Management of the releases