E-learning training

In-company training, whether required by law or by standards, or in accordance with business decisions aimed at fostering professional development, is often seen as a “nuisance”, as the training sessions are quite difficult to organize for medium to large companies spread throughout Italy and/or internationally. Their logistical preparation requires a lot of time, and the work activities of large groups of employees need to be interrupted for the duration of the courses, thus impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s activities.

Absenteeism is always high due to the employees’ reluctance to attend the courses, always finding themselves busy or off-site for work purposes.

In response to market needs, GETSOLUTION offers training courses via e-learning.

This method of holding courses offers various advantages compared with the traditional methods, such as:

  • Lower cost than traditional training, which is becoming increasingly expensive and difficult to sustain;
  • Reduction in the logistical and organizational difficulties involved in organizing the courses in-house;
  • The possibility of allowing people the freedom (within a set period of time) to decide when to follow the courses from the comfort of their own desks;
  • The possibility, if necessary, of repeating the courses more than once, or else repeating the final questionnaire more than once, in order to improve knowledge of the topics.
  • The possibility of obtaining a detailed reporting on the progress of the courses and the students’ learning levels, thus allowing the company to evaluate additional training activities in order to bridge any learning gaps that may have been encountered