Business Process Reengineering

The improvement of business performance, like an effective management of change, even if not purely organizational, requires a precise and coherent picture of how the company operates internally and how it interacts with the outside world. The description of these interactions, in their essential elements, is the basis for planning organizational improvements within the company.

A company’s processes represent the “how, who and when” for carrying out its business activities, as defined by the company itself.

GETSOLUTION effects a change that almost always entails the redesigning of the company’s organizational and information flows, thus resulting in benefits not only for the area analysed, but for the entire company as well. In particular:

  • The study of the business processes and the mapping of each of their individual sub-processes and the single activities that characterize them, as well as all the information (understood as an aggregation of data) needed to perform them.
  • The reengineering of the same, according to the principles of clarity, flexibility, integration, efficiency, effectiveness, compliance with the legal requirements, compliance with the company’s certified management systems and complementary with the company’s information system.

Thanks to its relevant national and international experience, GETSOLUTION is capable of providing an unambiguous interpretation of the business processes. Starting with the simple analysis of the information flows, and moving on to the administrative, accounting and financial flows, and even taking into account the flows of responsibilities and the individual activities.