Computer and Mobile Forensics

Computer forensics is the science that studies the identification, extraction, preservation and any other form of digital data processing for the purpose of being assessed in the legal process.

The common areas of use are sworn appraisals within criminal and/or civil proceedings, support for law enforcement agencies, corporate lawsuits following data theft, damage to computer systems or cracking, support for Incident Handling procedures and industrial counter espionage.

GETSOLUTION carries out analysis on:

  • individual PCs (physical or virtual);
  • servers (physical or virtual);
  • hosts, LAN and WAN networks;
  • storage systems;
  • backup systems;
  • both optical and magnetic support.

Given the strategic value that the “mobile” world has taken on, GETSOLUTION is also concerned with “Mobile Forensics”. This means carrying out analysis on:

  • mobile type platforms;
  • SIM cards;
  • cellular telephones;
  • smartphones, tablets;
  • GPS navigators;
  • automotive type multimedia systems;
  • Cloud services used by “mobile” users via operating systems or third party applications.

The methods and sophisticated software used for the extraction and conservation of the data are some of the most innovative available. Our consultants are high profile experts with considerable experience in the computer forensics area and proof of this is the fact that they have also written technical papers outlining the way for the evolution and practice of this discipline.